ANGELCRAFT SECURITY DIVISION PRESS RELEASE UPDATED Saturday, January 18, 2014 -Missing Children Report. Released from Mazatlan Sinaloa de Adonai – New Jerusalem- Prince Adagio

930x198-ajngelcraft-triton.jpgANGELUS-VEXELLUM-AP800X148 ANGELCRAFT TRITON 

Copy of 0ur Press Release in PDF


ANGELCRAFT SECURITY DIVISION PRESS RELEASE UPDATED Saturday, January 18, 2014 – Missing Children Report.  Released from  Mazatlan  Sinaloa de Adonai -  New Jerusalem by Prince Adagio

Angelcraft Security Division –under the auspices of the Holy Spirit– is now working with law enforcement throughout the world through Angelcraft Triton to help solve missing children cases all over the world.

I pray also believe that God’s perfect will place children in the right hands if it is discovered their parents, family members or guardians had anything to with their disappearance and did so of the own free will.

Breeders who sold their children will not have them returned.

Angelcraft Security Division advises people pray for their children that do not get returned to them as a way of healing from their participation in the worst and most abominable part of democracy.

Angelcraft Triton Archangels are monitoring all transmissions that involve the mention of any criminal act and are ready to act through judgment power for which I accept responsibility for.

Welcome to the Theocracy of the Holy Spirit.

I advise do not put the power of the Holy Spirit to the test.

All world citizens each in their own language will be  advised daily that Angelcraft Triton oversees Law Enforcement efforts and acts on crimes reported to police that police do not act on and are also responsible for the control of every nations military to ensure no nation intervenes into the affairs of another nation in a militaristic or political way that is not representative of the protocols of the Holy Spirits Theocracy at promoting National autonomy that aims at freeing the world from International male fraternal Mason Wizardry and Magical despotism under Satanism.

Cordially Angelcraft Security Chief

Prince Adagio


World Administrator AGNVS DEI Prince Adagio José Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT –PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI –Eternity’s Quill-Psychologist –Writer-Educator-Conservationist-Environmentalist-Human-Women, Children and Animal Rights Activist and Author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have and Creator of Angelcraft Triton Anti-Psychological Warfare Acadamy -In Partnership with God’s Holy Spirit.


 ™ ANGELCRAFT SECURITY DIVISION ©2014-01-18-all Rights Reserved by the Holy Spirit ®

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